[Effects of children drinking pigs]_Children_Benefits

[Effects of children drinking pigs]_Children_Benefits

Pig Hengli is pig kidney, which has a very good therapeutic effect and also has a certain effect in treating diseases. Many times, pig Hengli is used to make soup.

The nutritional value is very good. The child drinking pig Hengli soup has the effect of nourishing the body, and also has a good effect on improving the child’s immunity. It can promote the child’s growth and development. Of course, you should pay attention to it when you drink it.Its plasma content is relatively high.

Children have the benefits of drinking pork ribs. The nutritional value of pork ribs is 1. Each 100 grams of pork ribs contain 94 kcal and thiamine 0.

09 mg, calcium 1 mg, protein 13.

2 grams, riboflavin 0.

26 mg, magnesium 14 mg, aunt 3.

2 grams, niacin 0.

6 mg, iron 11.

3 mg, glucose 3.

1 gram, vitamin C0 mg, manganese 0.

02 milligrams, an estimated 0 grams of fiber, and vitamin E0.

33 mg, zinc 1.

44 mg, vitamin A0 μg, plasma 461 mg, copper 0.

06 mg, carotenoid 1.

1 microgram, potassium 234 mg, phosphorus 111 mg, retinol equivalent 79.

4 micrograms, sodium 26.

1 mg, selenium 16.

5 micrograms.

2. The pig’s diaphragm is a digestive organ and can have a variety of enzymes.

Second, the benefits of eating pig yam soup 1. Chinese medicine believes that it can strengthen the spleen and stomach, help digestion, nourish the lungs and moisturize, and look beautiful. Although it is less nauseous, the soup tastes rich and non-greasy after it is used in soup.Thing.

In addition, pig Yokohama is also considered to have the effect of clearing dampness and heat, so it is more commonly used to cook therapeutic soup in spring and summer.

2. In “Shen Nong’s Compendium of Materia Medica”, the pig’s horoscope is listed as top grade, which has the effects of clearing away dampness and fever, and removing biliary and yellow.

Third, the medicinal effect of porcine hormonal diarrhea, hormonal diarrhea.

Pork Yokohama is a well-known prescription for treating diabetes and diabetes.

The so-called diabetic, the old name in the ancient medical books is “thirst”, which refers to the malfunction of the spider’s internal organs, causing blood sugar to leak out from the urine, which makes the body gradually lose weight, itchy skin, more sores, and thirst.

Because the patient’s symptoms of weight loss and thirst are particularly prominent, the ancient book is called “thirst”, and the name is based on Sui and Sui.

Western medicine is so sweet that the sick patient urinates, so it is called “diabetes” and is named after the condition.

This symptom is found very early in China and was first seen in the Internal Classic.

“Historical Records * Biography of Sima Xiangru” records that Sima Xiangru is an old man suffering from thirst.

This disease is actually a glucose metabolism disorder.

2. For the treatment of diabetes, folk prescriptions, many use pig diaphragm and corn beard.

When you use it, you can buy a pig’s crossbow, corn must be five dollars, and you can take soup and drink daily. After taking it, you can adjust blood sugar and avoid the continued development of diabetes.

Although this method can not cure, it can inhibit the deterioration of the disease.

In addition, Liu Wei Wan and Sheng Di, Huang Qi, Huai Yam and other drugs must be used as the main treatment.