[Can you eat fruit with appendicitis]_ Diet Conditioning _ Diet Taboos

[Can you eat fruit with appendicitis]_ Diet Conditioning _ Diet Taboos

When we go to the hospital to see patients, due to the influence of traditional Chinese culture, many people will buy some fruits to visit the patients, thinking that fruits can contain a lot of trace elements and vitamins, which can have a good effect on curing diseases.

In fact, different diseases have different requirements for eating fruits, and not all fruits are beneficial.

Can people with appendicitis eat fruit?

Appendicitis is a surgical disease that occurs more frequently in young men.

Clinically, acute appendicitis is relatively rare.

The main causes of acute appendicitis are obstruction, infection and other factors related to the disease.

The appendix is a tube that is scheduled to arrive. A segment is connected to the cecum. Once the obstruction occurs, the pressure in the official cavity will increase, and bacteria will invade and cause infection.

Chronic appendicitis is mostly transformed from acute appendicitis.

Acute appendicitis can recur if the lesion is not completely removed.

So what are the fruits that appendicitis can eat?


What are the fruits of appendicitis?

Apples are rich in growth fibers, which stimulate natural vibrations and soften stools, which is beneficial for defecation.

Eating an apple a day is great for your health.

Apple contains a variety of vitamins and organic acids, which can supplement the nutritional elements needed by the human body.

However, patients with acute appendicitis must be scalded with hot water before eating apples. Fruits that are too cold can hurt the stomach.


Banana is a high-nutrition, low-migration fruit. Its main role is to nourish, assist digestion and laxative.

Bananas can also make people feel good and relieve depression.

Appendicitis patients eat more bananas, which can reduce the psychological burden caused by the disease.


The main effect of strawberry is to quench the thirst and clear the throat and lungs.

Patients with appendicitis will have dry mouth problems. Eating more strawberries can alleviate this discomfort and also provide a variety of vitamins and water.

Many patients need an appendectomy. Eating more strawberries after surgery is beneficial to the body’s recovery.

Appendicitis can be eaten in addition to the apples, bananas, strawberries, pears, kiwis, etc. described above.

Appendicitis is a common disease that causes great harm to the human body. If it is not treated in time, it will become a chronic disease.

During the treatment of appendicitis patients, they should eat more nutritious and light food, and do not eat spicy and irritating food.