“For me,Immortality is nothing but this,It’s just to live longer,I am waiting for power,That place has lived for tens of thousands of years,Strong people over 100,000 years are not among the few。”

“therefore,Madam, don’t worry,I waited for the treasure guarded by my lady and did not have any attempt,Even with my current life span,Can live for thousands of years,This is still my cultivation base cannot go further,If my cultivation base goes further,Life expectancy will increase a lot。”
Nezha said in a leisurely tone,He could see through just now that Po Meng was deliberately probing,therefore,He was blunt,In his opinion,What is the treasure of a small thousand world?extend your life?He has a long life span now。
What’s more, there is Ye Shu who has lived for hundreds of thousands of years in the chat group.,Snow King,Life for them,Is it a problem??not to mention,What’s the point of being immortal?Nezha pursues power,Is powerful enough to protect everything you have。
“Thousands of years?Hundreds of thousands of years?Lord Nezha is really talented,Sanqi is too naive,In the future, please take care of Mr. Nezha。”
Po Meng heard that Lord Nezha was blunt,Mildly,She can perceive the sincerity of Nezha’s words,therefore,I didn’t doubt what Lord Nezha said。
but,Can live for hundreds of thousands of years,How terrifying is its strength,Po Meng can’t guess,but,My daughter joined such a terrifying force,It also made Po Meng feel more at ease,At least for these beings,Possibly the most precious treasure guarded by Po Meng for generations。
“Madam knows what immortality is?Immortal,Create the existence of that place with one hand,Is the immortal strong,And also the most powerful existence I have ever seen。”
“Travel to other worlds,For the world where the lady is,This existence is just a breath,Can be destroyed,Even in other worlds,Just call the name of this existence,Can be perceived by this existence。”
“Such power,Is what I yearn for,Is what I’m after。”
Nezha said in a leisurely tone,He can’t imagine the power of the lord of the group,Every time you encounter a powerful enemy,In front of the host,Are like moths to the fire,Can be destroyed,therefore,Nezha doesn’t know how strong the group leader really is。
But it’s just a few random shots by the host,Make him yearn for,perhaps,Even if he exhausted his life,Can’t have one ten thousandth of the power of the leader,but,Life alive,Always have a lofty goal,To support him to keep going。
“A breath,Can you destroy the world??”
Po Meng listened to Lord Nezha’s words,Whisper,Such a terrifying powerhouse,It was beyond her imagination,immortal,Immortal,No wonder this son Nezha is so young,Has such a powerful force。
The most important thing is that Lord Nezha doesn’t have any arrogance yet,It turned out to be because of the difference they experienced,Different existence,My daughter was lucky enough to join such a terrifying place,Po Meng didn’t know if she should be happy,Should still be worried。
“lady,I have a friend who has eyes that can see the cause and effect of other creatures,When I saw the members of the Sanqi group before,He said that the members of the 37th group will experience the pain of the death of their relatives recently,even,In the future, there will be a death catastrophe waiting for the members of the Sanqi group。”
“In my opinion,The members of the Sanqi group seem to have only one family member alive,therefore,I don’t know if Madam has speculated that there is something that can kill Madam?”
Nezha looked at the beautiful Sanqi Aniang in front of him,Take another look at the Sanqi group happily eating flat peaches,Said in a leisurely tone。