Come to this point,We have no retreat。

Soon after,We regained our freedom!
Lai Yumin has gained freedom,Was sent directly overseas。
Li Qiankun is a gift,Leave his estate to Bai Anni and Bai Yanni,But entrusted to me to manage!
Li Qiankun also left the country,Settle overseas。
In fact, he has already made this arrangement,Just didn’t leave!
This time he made up his mind。
Lai Yumin gained freedom,Li Xiaolu naturally gained freedom!
After all, this fraud case cannot be filed separately!
Li Xiaolu’s parents actually visited me several times recently,But I ignored them。
Now they should be very happy,Daughter is not in jail!
But also very worried,Because they don’t have a place to live,Not much deposit。
That old couple is not a master,Going idle day by day, lazy and lazy,I give them the money,It’s probably spent a long time ago!
But I don’t sympathize with them at all。
The way you choose,Kneeling to finish!
but,I still transferred the money for the house in Jincheng Garden to Li Xiaolu。
I posted a blog post on Weibo:Finally chose to withdraw,I hope my heart is soft for a while,Will not become a scourge in the future。In addition, all the Jincheng Garden room payment will be transferred to Li Xiaolu’s account,It’s an end to the past。From now on,Don’t make things difficult!
I also posted a screenshot of my transfer!
This blog post,Very enthusiastic response。