The staff handed over a hand-held grinding wheel,Chen Xiu Shousheng,Afraid of hurting the flesh,A little bit from the outer layer。

“Fucking,This kid doesn’t know how to open rocks at all,When can he drive like this!”
“Embroidery is not as ink as his millstone!”
“Little brother,Or let me drive it for you……”
Watched his ink reach Kai Shi,I haven’t worn much after more than ten minutes,Some people are even less interested in dispersing。
Wu Shaoqing feels that she will win,Not rushing,Said with a smile:“Do you think this can delay time?but,The ugly wife must see her family,I have time,Wait for you to drive out,Even if you grind the whole stone into powder,I……”
He hasn’t finished speaking yet,Suddenly eyes rounded,Boss with open mouth,Stop silently!
“Fucking,This little stone is actually green!”
“Look at this,This……this is……”
“Ice apple green!”
“Little brother,Don’t move!”
The master who helped Wu Shaoqing drive the stone directly called Chen Xiu off,I took a strong flashlight and glared at the stone in Chen Xiu’s hand。
“Little brother,Do you believe me?If you can trust me,I will help you open for free!Your ice apple green skin is very thin,A little carelessness will hurt the inside‘meat’。”
Chen Xiu also knew that he was a handjob,Can drive here but not grind inside‘meat’,It depends on seeing the stone with perspective before。
“I can’t believe it,Master, you come!”
“it is good!”
Less than half an hour,An egg-sized ice apple green jade was completely peeled off,Under the light,The gem emits a strange green,Very eye-catching。
of course,Wu Shaoqing’s face is green together。
This time he is betting on rocks,As for how much you lose, it depends on the price of this ice apple green。