“I sent Yao Chunni to Baishui Town,Let her take the shuttle bus,Which hospital did you say?I can’t do anything”Wang Youcai shouted into the phone。

Li Lanxiang on the phone,Cried out,She cried and said:“Sui Congren is gone,In the mortuary of the First People’s Hospital,You have me to call the shots for us,Anyway,You have something to do with Chunni”
Wang Youcai listened,Head buzzing,I was almost stupid。How is this possible?This person’s life is too fragile too!
“it is good!I’ll rush over”Wang Youcai sank in a chair after speaking。This happened too suddenly,How can he tell Yao Chunni??
But the situation is critical,Can’t neglect。Wang Youcai staggered to the door of the kitchen,He shouted loudly:“Yao Chunni!Hurry up to the city”
Yao Chunni ran out after hearing the sound,She wiped her hands while running,Looks a little shy。Because she didn’t even know what Wang Youcai was taking her to the city.。
Liu Ying also followed,She said with jealousy:“Getting busy for a while,You can’t wait”
This woman is so troublesome,Wang Youcai walked over,Pushed Liu Ying into the kitchen,Then he lowered his voice and said:“shut up,Yao Chunni has an accident with her husband”Liu Yingyi listen,Eyes widened in surprise,But she didn’t say a word。
Yao Chunni’s face is not horny,But got into Wang Youcai’s car。Wang Youcai turned the car on the spot,And drove quickly。
All the way,Wang Youcai is speeding up desperately。His broken jeep made a weird rumbling noise,But Wang Youcai is in a hurry,Totally ignore these。
Yao Chunni wants to say something,But just look at Wang Youcai’s face,I had to close my open mouth again。She feels something,But she still didn’t expect her husband to have an accident。
As soon as the jeep arrives in Baishui Town,Speed is up。Wang Youcai drove the car,While thinking,What should he do with this matter??Life is close,This is a big deal。
Finally,The car rushed into the parking lot of the First People’s Hospital。His broken car,Almost all the uncles who guard the door know。First, Wang Youcai has come to the First People’s Hospital more often,Secondly, his car is really broken,And almost never washed。