8 mistakes made by dental disease

8 mistakes made by dental disease

Misunderstanding 1 As long as there is no abnormal feeling in the teeth, it means that the teeth are very healthy and there is no need to go to the hospital regularly for related examinations.

  Doctor: 1 per year?

2 routine dental examinations, cleaning teeth is one of the performances to understand good health and pursue a perfect life.

Through routine dental checkups, and every 3?

After 5 years of X-ray examination, you can find problems such as hidden teeth, gums and periodontal problems, and early treatment.

When it comes to feeling the pain of the teeth in the hot and cold stimulation, the bleeding of the teeth, etc., the problem of the gums of the teeth may be more serious, and even relatively complicated treatments such as removal of the tooth nerve and periodontal system treatment are needed.

  General dental examinations include: checking for caries requiring repair; whether there are wounds in the periodontal, whether there are calculus; whether there is a defect in the dentition, whether it is necessary to correct orthodontic shape; whether the oral mucosa is deformed, and whether there is a primary tumor.

  Misunderstanding 2 There is a small hole in the tooth, but neither pain nor aesthetics, so you can wait for the pain to appear and then make up.

  Doctor: The small hole in the teeth must be treated in time: the pain during treatment is small, the success rate is high, and the use of tooth color filling materials can also obtain good aesthetic effects, and the cost of repairing the initial small hole is only 30-150 yuan.

If this cavity continues to be corrupted, and the small cavern grows up, it will affect the degree of pain and the degree of pain. At this time, the treatment course is long, the crown protection is needed after the treatment, the treatment is prolonged, and the cost will increase a lot.And the long-term effect will be relatively low.

  Misunderstanding 3 Gum bleeding Everyone will have, some even have it every day, it is normal, no need to make a big surprise to go for special inspection and treatment.

  Doctor: A healthy gum is brushing your teeth and does not bleed when you eat.

If this happens, it means that your gums are getting inflammation.

Each person can develop gingivitis of varying degrees and extents during a certain period of his life, manifested as redness, congestion, congestion, edema, and bleeding of the gums during brushing.

This is due to the accumulation of swelled plaque and tartar around the teeth.

Plaques are composed of a large number of microorganisms whose metabolites stimulate inflammation of the gums.

The healthy gums are pink and tough, and even if you use a broken force when brushing your teeth, it will not cause bleeding.

Therefore, it is necessary to remove plaque and calculus by regular tooth washing to maintain the healthy state of the gums.

If the early gingivitis is not treated in time, it often causes periodontitis. At this time, simple Jiezhi can not solve all the problems. Special equipment is needed to remove the calculus attached to the surface of the root, that is, under the gel.

If it is allowed to spread, it will also harm the whole body while harming the teeth.

Only gum bleeding can lead to 18 kinds of systemic diseases such as coronary heart disease, diabetes, infertility, sepsis, nephritis and pneumonia.

  Misunderstanding 4 A loose or replacement of two teeth, as long as it does not affect the basic use, you do not have to rush to repair.

  Doctor: Although the teeth are the hardest organ in the body, sometimes it is a clever thing, like falling, bumping, or even being caught by a chicken bone when eating, it may cause the teeth to open, loose or replace.

In addition, chronic gingivitis, periodontitis makes the nutrition of the gums not available, and it is inevitable that the teeth are placed automatically.

At this point you should be treated promptly. If the tooth is missing for too long, it may cause the adjacent teeth to tilt or stretch the teeth.

Excessive tooth loss, resulting in decreased chewing efficiency will also reduce the quality of life.

Repair treatment can usually be considered about three months after the tooth.

Implants, fixed bridges, and removable dentures in some cases are optional repair methods.

Implant dentures are highly regarded by professional dentists because they do not affect adjacent teeth and have long-term effects.

  Myth 5 My teeth are very white and healthy, and I insist on brushing my teeth every day, so I don’t need to wash my teeth.

  Doctor: The teeth are very white and healthy doesn’t mean “health of periodontal tissue.”

Periodontal cleaning is commonly known as “cleaning teeth”, mainly to remove tartar, plaque, soft scale and pigment around the tooth surface and teeth.

Accumulation of calculus, plaque, soft scale and pigmentation can cause inflammation of periodontal tissue. The most common manifestations are redness and swelling of the gums, bleeding of brushing teeth, and oral odor.

Tooth cleaning is to create a clean environment for your teeth.

It is generally recommended that individuals with good periodontal health and good oral hygiene habits can perform professional dental cleansing every 6 months; people with poor periodontal conditions and poor oral hygiene habits can perform professional dental cleaning every 3 months.
  Misunderstanding 6 Washing the teeth tends to wear the enamel on the surface of the teeth, which is not good for the health of the teeth.

  Doctor: The enamel on the surface of the tooth is the hardest tissue in the human body. The ultrasonic scalpel used in the cleaning of the teeth is removed by ultrasonic vibration contact with the calculus, and the power can be adjusted according to the number of the patient’s calculus and the reduction, and the ultrasoundThe scaler is cooled by cold water during work, and has no significant effect on the enamel.

It is completely different from dental drills and does not wear away enamel.Regular tooth washing is the most beneficial measure to prevent gum inflammation and periodontitis.

  Misunderstanding 7 washed a lot of teeth, always no intention of white, certainly not washed.

  Doctor: This is a misunderstanding of the people’s understanding of “cleaning teeth”.

The purpose of tooth cleaning is to remove tartar, soft scale, plaque and exogenous pigment around the tooth surface and teeth. It is not bleaching the teeth. It is impossible to change the color of the teeth itself and make it white.

  Misunderstanding 8 has passed adolescence, and the shape of the teeth has grown. If it is not neat and beautiful, it will not help to do orthodontics.

  Doctor: Even a 40-year-old can get a neat and beautiful tooth through correction.

Modern orthodontic theory suggests that there is no age limit for orthodontics, and that the large number of successful orthodontic cases in adults have led to more adults to perform this treatment.

Adult orthodontics may require a slightly longer orthodontic cycle, and the time to maintain after orthodontic completion also requires continuous time. Of course, orthodontic treatment is a very easy task.

Compared with the past “steel teeth”, the current braces can be made of transparent new materials.

Others even keep a distance of 50 cm from you, and it is not easy to find the existence of braces.