Four major A-share insurance companies announced their first monthly premiums: Xinhua Insurance leads the growth rate

Four major A-share insurance companies announced their first monthly premiums: Xinhua Insurance leads the growth rate

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  Original title: The premiums of the four major listed insurers of A-shares were released in the first month, and the PICC declined for ten years.

6%, Xinhua Insurance leads the growth rate Source: Daily Economic News The beginning of each year is the highlight of insurance companies, an important time to boost morale and achieve premium income.

However, under the influence of the epidemic, the start of insurance companies this year is slightly dim.

  On February 21, CPIC and PICC successively released the January premium income data. At this point, four of the five largest A-share listed insurers have released January data.

From the data point of view, the premium income of listed insurance companies is polarizing: China Life, Xinhua Insurance, China Pacific Insurance are less affected by the epidemic, the premium income has still achieved a steady growth trend, and the premium income of PICC is affected by the epidemicSlower and larger, a decrease from the same period last year.

  Xinhua Insurance’s January premium growth rate has led the epidemic to affect the insurance industry and it has become the consensus of the industry.

ICBC International issued a statement that the insurance industry, especially the life insurance sector, will be severely depressed during the outbreak of the new crown pneumonia virus.

From a fundamental point of view, affected by the epidemic, it is a good start, and the agent retention rate is under pressure for a short period of time, which affects the growth rate of short-term new business value.

Therefore, the market is curious about the premium data of insurance companies in January, and the decline in premiums has become an indisputable fact.

  However, under the marketing and business adjustment of insurance companies, they can still exceed market expectations.

According to the premium data released by listed insurers in January 2020, Xinhua Insurance, China Life Insurance and China Pacific Insurance are growing.

Among them, Xinhua Insurance’s original premium income was 307.

4.0 billion, an annual increase of 54.

1%; China Life’s original insurance premium income was 193.5 billion yuan, an increase of 22 per year.

6%; CPIC achieved premium income of 696.

1.7 billion, an annual increase of 4%.

  ”China Life has gradually started to start in October last year, and the short-term annuity paid earlier than expected to complete the task, the overall influence of starters is limited.

“Oriental Jincheng analysis said that China Life started early in 2020 and has a wealth of customer reserves, so it will not be affected by the epidemic.

Xinhua Insurance is also valid. Credit Suisse issued a report that Xinhua Insurance recorded a strong year-on-year increase in premium income of 54% last month. The monthly income of material bills recorded an increase of more than 60%, mainly due to product strategy changes.Increase and early sales of “starter” products.

  It is reported that in October 2019, China Life started the “opening door” and entered the preparation phase of “opening door” in 2020, launching the “opening door” product “Xinxiang Extreme” (three-year payment, 10-year regular annuity, 5th?
60% of the annual premium paid back in 10 years, 5.

3% expected settlement interest rate for universal accounts); Xinhua Insurance ‘s “opening door” product expenditures are annuity products and various products, with equal scale and value, and at the same time, the assessment is expanded. Accountability and management of grass-roots managers and institutions are strengthened.Strength.

  Chinese insurance premiums fall by 3 per year.

6% is different from China Life Insurance and Xinhua Insurance. The first month’s premiums of China Life Insurance have fallen to varying degrees compared to the same period last year.

Data show that in January, PICC achieved a total of 918 premium income.

5.7 billion yuan, a decrease of 33 compared with the same period in 2019.

9.9 billion, a decline of 3 per year.


  Among them, PICC P & C, PICC Life and PICC Health realized premium income of 525 respectively.

07 billion, 344.

6.2 billion, 48.

8.8 billion yuan.

“Daily Economic News” reporters compared the premiums in the first month of 2019 and found that PICC’s premiums in the first month of 2020 dropped by two compared with 2019, and the average value of property and life insurance premiums decreased, respectively, by 18.

100 million and 25.

US $ 0.5 billion, only health insurance rose, up 9%.

1.6 billion.

  Dongfang Jincheng analysis said that affected by the epidemic, new car purchases basically moved backward, and the insurance business brought by new car purchases was potentially affected; during the epidemic, auto insurance renewal was also affected.
Because car insurance 南宁桑拿 accounts for a relatively high proportion of property insurance business, about 70%, property insurance was affected by interference during the epidemic.
The epidemic cases are distributed throughout the country. Continuous work, closure of the city, and grid-based management measures across the country have impacted the short-term segmentation of the national economy. Companies affected by the epidemic have begun to replace them, materials have been blocked, profits have been reduced, resulting in corporate property insurance and cargo transportation.Many types of insurance, such as insurance, engineering insurance, and agricultural insurance, were affected by the impact, which dragged down the vertical growth rate of property insurance, and the growth rate of property insurance will gradually maintain the level.

  ”The impact of the epidemic on the insurance industry is mainly concentrated in two aspects: insurance compensation and new order sales. The short-term frustration of new order sales is inevitable, but the insurance benefits brought by the epidemic are relatively small.

Dongfang Jincheng said that although the epidemic has reduced the short-term premium income of the insurance industry to a breakthrough, the demand for premiums such as auto insurance, life insurance, and health insurance will not disappear, but will be affected by the epidemic and move backward. After the epidemic is over, it will usher in a rebound.

In addition, the new type of coronavirus pneumonia will promote the development of new health insurance, and the increased insurance awareness under residents’ perception of disease and health threats will be transformed into new purchasing power. Health insurance will usher in a breakthrough rebound after the epidemic is under control or ended.