[How to cook beef is the best]_Recommended diet

[How to cook beef is the best]_Recommended diet

Beef is the second largest source of meat in China. Beef has the characteristics of low trace and high protein. It is usually eaten properly and does not cause weight gain. The trace elements in beef are very rich and the iron calcium is very high.It has the effects of replenishing qi and blood and preventing osteoporosis. Let’s learn how to cook beef is the best

Let’s take a look at this.

Prepare a pound of beef, prepare the right amount of salt, soy sauce, spring onions and ginger, and prepare cooking wine, sweet noodle sauce, sugar, and onion.

Wash the beef first, then cut it into small pieces. The size of the cut pieces can be determined according to your preferences. Put the cut beef pieces in cold water and soak them for one to two hours.Blood in the beef.

Clean the onion, remove the old skin outside the onion, and cut into pieces. Wash the onion and ginger, cut the onion into segments, cut the ginger into slices, prepare an appropriate amount of wild mushrooms, and clean them.

Tear wild mushrooms into small pieces.

Remove the beef from the water, control the moisture, and put it in the pan under cold water. Add the shallots and ginger slices.

Put wild mushrooms in the pot.

Add the water and beef evenly, then boil over high heat, reduce to low heat, and cook for one to two hours. When cooked to an eighth degree, add an appropriate amount of salt and continue cooking.

Until the beef is fully cooked.

In this way, there are very few ingredients for boiled beef. Using this method to cook beef can maintain the unique aroma of the beef itself. In addition, it is very soft and tender. The elderly and children will not experience indigestion when eating this way.The nutrients are easily absorbed by people, and have a good effect on improving the body’s immunity and improving disease resistance.