Chapter Twenty Seven Daily training
“Ge Xiaolun,Deliberately procrastinating,Crime plus!”
Lena saw Ge Xiaolun dare to cover Rose,Directly angry,Shouted。
“Big sister head,Rest assured!”
Xin Zhao also supports this decision,This is training,What are you doing,Show affection is not the way to show!
The stick fell on Ge Xiaolun,Directly caused Ge Xiaolun to let out a painful long howl,See him like this,Qiangwei can’t bear to want to help,Then this decision was made when she saw Xin Zhao’s iron rod,Gave up。
“I say brother,You are not as good as a girl,People suffer,Not even a word,What about you,Called so miserable,What a shame for us men!”Liu Chuang directly mocked,Don’t know how to drop,He and Ge Xiaolun are born offenses。
And Ge Xiaolun looked helpless“I can’t help it,It really hurts just now,And there are all kinds of uncomfortable things,If it wasn’t for my good physique,I feel that,I’m all cooked。”
“impossible,How can men and women be equal?!”Liu Chuang believes that Xin Zhao is not such a superficial person。
“Chuangzi,You tried it,Come on!”Ge Xiaolun glanced at the blue and white lightning that came quickly behind him,Direct acceleration,Pass Liu Chuangchao over。
“I go,Ge Xiaolun you pit……Wailing!”
Liu Chuang’s hair was straightened,Made an explode,While walking,There is even a blue and white current emerging there。
“Xiaolun,You cheat!”
Liu Chuang felt that he was so careless,Actually followed the way of Ge Xiaolun。
And the people in front heard Liu Chuang’s painful howling,I was so scared that my legs stopped trembling,Only one idea,Don’t be the last。
And after Xin Zhao ran so many laps,Found a very important problem,His energy is a little insufficient。Why are super fighters great,Because of the energy of the body。