Although Lord Pluto has been practicing in retreat,And didn’t get too involved in the underworld,But in the underworld,Lord Pluto is the strongest existence,If my daughter accidentally said something wrong。

The consequences are unimaginable,The meaning of cleaning up the portal,Po Meng is very clear,It seems that Young Master Nezha is not a goddess who only knows how to cultivate,Be cautious。
“Will the body come in some time??Then I will wait for a while before going to retreat and practice,It happens to use this time to take a good look at the underworld,If there is any omission,So it’s perfect in time。”
“correct,Meng Po,I remember that the treasure of the yin and yang scroll from Po Meng’s line should be in your hands,Mortals have a fixed life span,Can not be changed at will,And yin and yang rolls can make mortals live longer。”
“therefore,The yin and yang rolls must be kept properly,Not to be left in the world,Otherwise it will be very troublesome。”
After Pluto heard the words of Sanqi,Knowing that the body will come to Huangquan after a while,Nodded,Said with a smile,He didn’t come to Huangquan accidentally this time。
He was practicing in retreat,Suddenly felt,End the practice,Come to Mengpozhuang,We must know that the treasure of Yin and Yang scrolls guarded by Meng Po’s lineage is vital to some living creatures.。
There will always be some creatures who don’t want to practice hard,For longevity,Want to take a shortcut,And yin and yang scrolls can prolong the life of creatures,Just one click,Can extend life,How easy it is?
and so,Pluto feels his hunch just now,Mostly there are creatures who want to take the Yin Yang scroll,And he is the lord of the underworld,How can you sit back and watch the yellow spring change??
“Lord Hades,The Yin Yang Roll has always been carried with me,If Lord Pluto thinks this is inappropriate,,If not, ask Master Hades to keep the Yin Yang scroll?”
“News of Yin and Yang Rolling in Huangquan,The monks in the world knew about it a long time ago,This is why only me and Sanqi are left in Po Meng’s line.,therefore,Also ask Master Hades to keep the Yin Yang scroll。”
After Meng Po heard the story of Lord Hades,,Said respectfully,In order to protect the Yin Yang scroll,Only her and her daughter are left in Po Meng’s line,And since she has decided to let Po Meng’s fate end in her hands。
Naturally, I won’t let my daughter keep the yin and yang rolls,And Lord Pluto is powerful,The safest way is to hand over the Yin and Yang scroll to Lord Hades。
“Po Meng is too worried,I don’t want yin and yang rolls,I just have a hunch,There seems to be a creature intending to seize the Yin Yang scroll,So I will sit in Huangquan during this time,Just in case。”
“As for the Yin Yang Roll,Po Meng, you should keep it yourself,Why there are always such whimsical creatures in the world?Not thinking about practice,Just thinking about taking shortcuts,Really wanting to die。”