“Film,I will never let you go,do you know,How much I blame myself in the past two years,I lost you,I never believe you are dead,Now you are finally back,The seven of us are reunited again,Film,Don’t go, okay。”

Qin Fengyu said incoherently,There was a hint of pleading in the tone。
And facing Qin Feng’s actions,Female ninja frowned,Although I don’t know what to say,But she has her own plan in her heart。
“I do not go,I do not go,You let me go first,I can’t breathe。”
The female ninja decided not to talk to Qin Feng,The top priority now is to rescue yourself first,Because he hugs too tightly,And the female ninja also saw Qin Feng’s strength before,So inconvenience。
“Your words count,I will let you go。”Saying that Qin Feng hugged the female ninja harder,I’m afraid she would slip away。
“I count,You let me go。”The female ninja can only follow Qin Feng’s words。
And the moment Qin Feng just let go,The female ninja stabbed Qin Feng directly with a dagger。
“Film……”Qin Feng couldn’t care about the blood shed from his body,I don’t care about any man who has tears and doesn’t flick,At this moment, Qin Feng’s heart was crying。
He never thought,There will be such a day,Used to love myself so much,Film who used her life to change her life,Will stab yourself with a knife。
“I am not a film,I am the code name2587Ninja,I’m instructed to help those useless。”at this time,The female ninja returned to her previous high cold。
Although she didn’t know how Qin Feng knew she was wearing human skin.Masked,To be precise, I know that I carry human skin in this world.Masked man,only myself。
Even own master,Don’t know these,In the eyes of the owner,I’m just an ugly monster,It’s just a tool for killing,But now this man,But know everything,It seems that today is bound to come to life and death。
But the female ninja,Dare not act rashly,Because the man in front of me,Even the poison did not kill him,It means he has great strength,I can’t tell the specific female ninja,But she can feel it。
And she is more worried,This time she was even more afraid of Qin Feng like before,All is pretend,Wait for yourself to let go of your guard,When I was going to kill him,But he was caught off guard。
So the female ninja,I didn’t know how long I was thinking about it。