If everything is correct,Quantum computers will really subvert the current Internet security certification system。

This technology is still in the hands of a Huaxia company,Even this quantum computer that can make history is in China,If the root server is the foundation of the Internet in the pre-Internet era,Let the person in control of the root server have the power to kill all connected machines,So when this quantum computer came out in the post-Internet era,Quantum computers will rule the entire Internet like a tyrant,Until people discover more advanced encryption algorithms。
However, Pan Wenyue just jumped to the computer,“Ding”’S voice sounded again,This means that the factorization of the second random integer has been calculated。It only took 53 seconds to be faster this time。
Pan Wenyue was taken aback again,I forgot what I wanted to say to Wang Yufei just now,Then I started to call up a special mathematical tool in the computer to start checking。
The answer is naturally correct。
And during this period,third、The factorization of the four numbers has been calculated。
Although this is also related to the performance of Pan Wenyue。
Not a supercomputer after all,And I brought too many programs,But this is enough to illustrate Xiaozhi’s efficiency。
On specific issues,The efficiency of quantum computers is infinite times that of classical electronic computers has been thoroughly proven。No need to have any questions。
“do you know?You will change the world,No, you have rewritten the earth’s civilization process。”Pan Wenyue said excitedly。
At this time he doesn’t care about alarmist talk anymore,Even whether the sentence itself is exaggerated is no longer important。What’s more, this professor originally thought so。