He jumped in front of Cheng Long,Grabbed him by the collar,Shouted:“Did you hear clearly?Willing to bet!Give me off!”

The bald boss sounds like Hong Zhong,This deliberate cry,It shook the eardrums of everyone present。
Cheng Long was also shocked,He didn’t expect everyone to oppose him at once,Against him,Even the bald boss who usually indulges him most seems to turn his head against each other。
He understood immediately,He can’t afford to offend these people,Even a bald boss can’t afford to offend,So he was considered an abandoned son,Only obediently admit it。
then,Cheng Long took off his shirt with trembling hands,Untied the belt again。
“Don’t take off your underwear,Don’t be disgusting!One,two,three,Start run!”Lu Menglin smiled and shouted。
Cheng Long took off only a red trouser fork,Rushing out of the door with clothes,Caused the whole audience to laugh。
If it wasn’t for these two outsiders to come out like this,Many people don’t know that Cheng Long is so hateful,Squirrel,Streaking out,He doesn’t need to visit this place anymore。
Sun Xiaopang watched this scene helplessly,Watching the bad guy who bullied himself rushes,I just feel refreshed from head to toe,As if every pore on the body is opened,So cool!
At this moment,The bald boss has already taken 10,000 yuan in finances,The boss personally handed it to Lu Menglin。
Lu Menglin smiled and turned his head to look at Zhu Kun and his group,Beckoning:“what about you?Do you want to send someone to play a game??The rules remain the same,Money can not be collected,Just run naked。”
Zhu Kun looked at that arrogant kid,Swallowed,Turned and asked:“Who of you go?”
The masters of the king of fighters standing behind Zhu Kun all looked embarrassed,Look at me,I look at you,Not sure。
Not to mention that their strength may not be as high as the process dragon,It’s just the magical step that the child showed just nowInfinite Kills,No one here is sure to beat him。
As long as the child’s Iori seizes the opportunity,Just one mistake,Will be killed infinitely,Who dares to slap the chest to guarantee that you will not be caught in this level of battle?
Not to mention running naked in public if you lose,It’s so fucking embarrassing,No one wants to become Cheng Long second!
For a time,The masters Zhu Kun brought are all silent,Anyway。