Breakfast eating purple potato bean rolls to dispel the lack of energy in autumn

Breakfast eating purple potato bean rolls to dispel the lack of energy in autumn

Nowadays, some young people tend to lose weight, eat regularly, and eat less, especially those who do not eat breakfast.

Eating a good breakfast will allow the brain to turn on the vitality switch and maintain a good mental state throughout the day.

Today, the old Chinese doctor recommended a chic breakfast for everyone – purple potato bean rolls.

Purple potato bean roll ingredients: purple potato (large) 1, thousand pieces, 2 pieces of carrots, 1 piece of lettuce, 5 pieces of lettuce, salad dressing method: 1, wash the carrots, shredded and cooked, remove and let cool, thousand pieces of boiledAfter cooking, remove and let cool, wash the lettuce, and steam the purple potato and peel it into the bowl. 2. Thousands of cuts of 20 cm in length and 10 cm in width. The purple potato is pressed into a mud with a spoon and removed.The veins can be added with a small amount of honey according to the taste; 3, spread thousands of skins, apply a layer of purple potato puree on the bean skin with a spoon, you can wipe it thicker but evenly, then cut the carrots evenlySpread the ground on the bean husk, cover with lettuce, then apply a layer of purple potato puree, squeeze the salad dressing evenly, roll all the ingredients with the bean husk, and cut the purple potato bean roll from the middle with a knife.edible.
First, purple potato as a staple food, eliminate free radical resistance to fatigue in the past, often appear on the table is the sweet potato, the conversion of anthocyanin, the emergence of purple potato gradually popular in the market.

“Compendium of Materia Medica” records that sweet potato has the effect of “replenishing deficiency, benefiting vitality, strengthening spleen and stomach, strengthening kidney yin”. Purple potato is a derivative of sweet potato, and it has the same effect as sweet potato in this respect.

According to nutrition, in addition to the nutrients and health effects of sweet potatoes, purple potatoes also contain selenium, iron and anthocyanins, ranking first in the anti-cancer vegetables announced by the National Vegetable Cancer Research Center of Japan.

Selenium and iron in purple potato are essential elements for anti-fatigue, anti-aging and blood supplementation. Especially selenium is called “anti-cancer king” and is easily absorbed by the body. It can be left in serum, repairing myocardium and enhancing immunity.Remove free radicals from the body.

At the same time, the supplement fiber rich in purple potato can add enough energy to the body to avoid fatigue and weakness caused by lack of energy. Autumn is just when the potato harvest is good. Eating potato food properly is good for our health.
Second, the potato food is a staple food, not fat, anti-skinny sweet potato and purple potato have been criticized by the weight-loss people because they eat very sweet, but in fact, the sweet potato instead of rice as a staple food will not only gain weight, but it will be easier to lose weight.!

This is because the first transfer of potato food is lower than that of rice. It is rich in supplemental fiber, which can easily increase the satiety of some people, can be satisfied with enough energy, indirectly reduce the amount of food, and supplement the fiber.Food people also inadvertently chew a few more, and chewing is often easy to stimulate the brain’s nerve center, so that the brain has a full illusion.

In addition, dietary fiber also helps to maintain health in the body, relieve constipation and help to lose weight.

It is only necessary to note that for some people, eating potato food is prone to bloating and acid reflux, and proper attention should be paid to controlling eating. It is also best not to use potato as a staple food on an empty stomach.