Let men have new tricks every month

Let men have new tricks every month

If you want a man to live longer, you don’t need magical potions, or genetic modification. As long as you put it into action, life is in your hands.

  Looking at the bright side research shows that optimistic people live long.

From the dialysis of participating in the study, it is found that happy people have a 19% mortality rate less than unhappy people, and pessimistic people do not feel that they will live long.

Professor Seligman of the University of Pennsylvania has found that the mood of depression, helplessness and hopelessness will cause the decline of the immune system.

And optimism will not only make you live longer, but also make your old age more independent and more comfortable.

  Relaxing a study conducted by the UK for centenarians found that 46% of people know how to deal with stress.

There are several ways to deal with stress, such as exercise, meditation, or doing what you like to do.

Even if nothing is done, it is also a kind of relaxation.

Men are often irritated because of fierce competition, sometimes selfish, do nothing, and are not selfish.

  Flossing your teeth not only reduces your chances of lowering your teeth, but flossing also protects your heart.

According to the American Academy of Periodontology, people with periodontal disease have a double chance of getting coronary artery disease than those who have not.

  Donate blood When you help others, help yourself.

Research conducted by the Massachusetts Medical School and the Kanas Medical Center found that men who regularly donate blood can reduce their cardiovascular risk.

Researchers believe that donating blood can reduce the accumulation of iron in the body, because iron is easily oxidized into free radicals, reducing iron hoarding, can reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and other obesity-related diseases.

  Going out to the doctors found that people who have more social life will prolong their life and increase the quality of their lives.

A long-term study in the town of Roseto, Pennsylvania, found that the town of the town has a very low rate of death from heart disease because the people in the town are Italian immigrants who have strong community organization and support from the countryside.sense.

  A 22-year study on the end of the red carpet found that married men, whether they were 50, 60 or 70 years old, lived longer than unmarried people.

One survey of 8,500 people who did not have duodenal ulcers did not have duodenal ulcers.

But five years later, people who started to fill in the low love and support of their wives at the beginning, the chance of suffering from duodenal ulcers, is a pair of others.

Experts say that most of the couples are at the same time showing the fading of hormones. At this time, they need mutual care and mutual support.

  Playing crosswords The brain needs exercise, just like the body.

A study by Duke University in the United States found that longevity and education are directly related to the intellectual activities that are accepted later.

Of course, the crossword puzzle is just an imitation, the focus is on learning something new, like a new language, a dish or anything new that has never been tried.

  Is the brain not impulsive in male 15?
Between the ages of 24, G-ketones swelled and often went to high-risk and violent behavior.

People with high G-ketones are adventurous and easy to fight with others. When people who have power are looking for trouble, it is easier to be filled with indignation.

So civilized men, when you want G ketone poisoning, still use the brain to think about it.

  Go to the doctor, everyone knows, you think you are not sick, but prevention is better than getting sick.

And health units are encouraging early detection and early treatment.

The American Medical Association recommends that men pay more attention to prostate cancer, tobacco and alcohol, sexual disorders, accidents, nutrition, and physiological activities.