The health-care pot of the whole network, the five major health cooking functions, boiled tea soup, boiled water and warm milk are all set

The health-care pot of the whole network, the five major health cooking functions, boiled tea soup, boiled water and warm milk are all set

Recently, “Hyun Fu Photo” is very hot on the Internet, and the collapse of the health care caused the netizens to say that everyone is very fond of health.

When it comes to health, the young people often stay up late, and the work pressure is long and the pace of life is slowlyShort-skinned bodies such as kidney deficiency, lack of blood, dark circles, etc., may not underestimate these problems. According to the survey, in China, an average of 1,000 people who die about 25 per day in the country account for 70% of the total is due to frequent staying up late, stressfulIn order to regulate the body, everyone chooses medicine to supplement what Liuwei Dihuang Pill, Kidney Tablet, etc. But as the saying goes: “It is a drug three-point poison”, and finally it is the most effective maintenance method in the anti-Chinese medicine that “medicine is not as good as food supplement”It’s just soup, what is the whole soup, the bullwhip, the aphrodisiac soup, etc., you want to nourish the color, and you can only do it with a long-term supplement. But when you think of it, it will take a few hours to lift your energy and want to be simple and refined.How to eat?

This Life Element multi-purpose health pot can meet all your needs with just a finger movement every day. It’s a tried-and-feeling lazy health pot with 6 functions. In addition to the basic water-burning function, there are also tea, heat preservation, Cordyceps, Ganoderma lucidum andThe five major health cooking tools of the health soup are multi-purpose. With him, the electric kettle, the electric cooker, the warm milk bottle do not need you to just add the ingredients and choose the corresponding function. Then you can go to other things and thisThe small and small health pot has the right capacity, rich functions, one-button operation is very suitable for use in the office, superhuman design, including automatic insulation and time insulation to put in the ingredients, set the time, come back can still drink hotAfter the health tea and boiled, it will automatically open the 24-hour heat preservation function. If you want to add some ingredients or add water in the middle, the health pot also has a 60-second memory function to boil the middle of the pot, and it is not necessary to reset the built-in anti-dry function in 60s.When the water is dry or the food is overheated, it will automatically sense the power supply. When the temperature inside the kettle is lowered, the separate base design of the health pot can be re-operated.也I was very impressed by the proportion of the health pot that I found on a certain treasure. I lost it to the appearance and their base is bigger than the body. It looks very cumbersome. Our health pot and base are perfectly matched, and the size is not suitable.There is also a non-slip base suction cup, which is convenient for the home or the company. It is easy to stand upright. The cover of the anti-slip and anti-scaling health pot also uses 304 stainless steel for effective insulation effect, and there is no plastic taste for you to drink.It is a safe and healthy hot water visualization window that allows you to see the inside of the pot without worrying about the water overlap after boiling. Because his buttons are the core components of the waterproof health pot, the temperature control and temperature sensor are used to control the temperature accurately.How much temperature is set, how much temperature sensitivity is sensitive, durable and not easy to be broken ★ 600w power, cooking and cooking fast ★ 600w high power boiling water quickly, 4 minutes can boil power in line with dormitory electricity, can cook hot water in the dormitory to eat instant noodles andOne of the extravagance of drinking a soup in a dormitory. This health pot uses 360° spin boiling on both sides of the health pot to boil all the ingredients. Thick borosilicate glass ★ thickened 2.

5mm high borosilicate glass adopts straight tube glass straight cutting process, the thickness can be seen as quenching cold and hot heat is not easy to crack, use more peace of mind ★ 304 stainless steel food and material ★ 304 stainless steel heating plate food and material can be fast, anti-corrosion, anti-Hot and anti-corrosion, more uniform resonance. Because of the simple operation, convenient and fast, the appearance is novel and good-looking. After a lot of experience, netizens have experienced a surge of praise.

.In the morning, a cup of honey, lemon tea, vitamin C, add vitality, and a full day of vitality. ▼3:1, give yourself a little more moisturizing and enjoy every moment of happiness. ▼Overnight work overtime, a cup of refreshing tea, soothing pressure and then starting. ▼Drinking tea habits every day.The beautiful girl, or the small white-collar worker who is particularly busy at work, is very worth buying. Strive outside, the body must take care of it, what are you waiting for? Come and check it out ↓↓↓#pgc-card.

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