Master ten 3 minute health in your own hands

Master ten 3 minute health in your own hands

“There is no accumulation of steps, no miles,” and the same is true of health.

3 minutes, only a moment, very inconspicuous, the following 12 “3 minutes” can achieve a healthy lifestyle, let you stay away from sub-health and disease.

At the beginning of the new year, please take your health knowledge firmly in your hands!

  Brushing your teeth for 3 minutes each time is to remove the plaque on the outer surface of each tooth, inside, occlusal surface, etc.

This workload is not too small, about 80 teeth need to be cleaned.

Always change the position of the toothbrush and slowly rotate on the surface of all the teeth of each tooth. Can a toothbrush only brush 2 at the same time?
3 teeth, so brush your teeth for 3 minutes each time.

  After the water is boiled and then burned for 3 minutes, the tap water is chlorinated and disinfected. The chlorine interacts with the organic substances remaining in the water to form a variety of halogenated hydrocarbons, chloroform and other harmful compounds, which have carcinogenic effects.

Experiments have shown that boiling water for 3 minutes is a good way to replace these hazardous substances with a safe range.

It can be seen that this progress is a necessity for people to prevent cancer on a daily basis.

  Oral, anal temperature measurement for 3 minutes Many diseases, especially infectious diseases, often have changes in body temperature, and measuring body temperature is one of self-health skills.

Place the oral thermometer on the underside of the subject, close the mouth, and measure the temperature for 3 minutes.

If the baby is unconscious or unconscious, the anal meter can be used for temperature measurement, and the time is also 3 minutes.

If the time is too short, the measurement will be inaccurate.

  After eye drops, press the inner corner of the eye for 3 minutes. After eye drops, gently close your eyes and press the inner corner of your eyes with your index finger for 3 minutes.

If you don’t do this, the eye drops will quickly flow into the lacrimal duct and then into the nasal cavity.

In this way, almost the liquid stays on the surface of the eyeball for a short period of time, and the pharmacodynamic effect is insufficient, and the eyedrops flow into the nasal cavity and are easily absorbed by the nasal microvasculature, thereby increasing the replacement of the syrup.

  Drinking tea for 3 minutes to pay attention to the time difference, tea for 3 minutes, the caffeine in the tea is basically oozing out, this time drinking tea, can refresh and excite.

If people want to avoid the excitement after tea, just pour the first tea in 3 minutes, then brew and taste, you can feel at ease.

  Eat hot and cold for 3 minutes in the cold winter, family and friends dinner, eat hot dishes, drink cold soup immediately after eating cold drinks, blood vessels will shrink sharply, so that blood pressure rises, dizziness, nausea and other symptoms.

Therefore, experts recommend eating hot drinks and quenching thirst, preferably at intervals of 3 minutes to reduce irritation to the stomach.

  If the toilet is not more than 3 minutes, the toilet time is too long, which will cause rectal varicose veins. In the long run, the natural veins are blocked and the blood is formed into a venous group, causing hemorrhoids.

It is generally believed that more than 3 minutes of squatting time may lead to the formation of acne, and the degree of severity is also determined by the length of time.

Do not read while reading the toilet.

  Those who have enough exercise for 3 minutes will have the experience of being out of breath during exercise. At this time, they should take a break.

By resting for a short period of 3 minutes during exercise, the muscles of the person can complete enough energy supplements for the next exercise.

The relative rest time will not bring much profit.

  After waking up, you will have high blood pressure for 3 minutes, and middle-aged and old people with high blood pressure. After waking up, you should first close your eyes and raise your body for 3 minutes before getting up.

This is because at the moment of waking up, the brain is in an obscured state, the blood is thick, the brain is lack of oxygen free radicals, and it is easy to fall. It is the most dangerous moment.

The so-called change in the way of getting up can reduce the chance of a stroke, and the world can die 3 million people a year.

  Get angry for no more than 3 minutes according to the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, “angry liver.”

For those who are angry for small things, life is short.

A good mood is more important than anything, and anger should not exceed 3 minutes.

It doesn’t matter everything, don’t put anything in your heart. Even if you have the temper, you have to go quickly, vent your vent as soon as possible, and try to keep your mood stable.