[How to eat onion and antihypertensive]_Antihypertensive_Eating onion_How to eat

[How to eat onion and antihypertensive]_Antihypertensive_Eating onion_How to eat

Living conditions are getting better and better. Many middle-aged and elderly people, without the pressure of life and work, start eating and drinking, and over time, high blood pressure or even three highs appear. After a long time, there is a hidden danger of cerebral infarction.

Patients with high blood pressure must pay more attention to their diet, eat a light diet, do not eat more amaranth, like common antihypertensive vegetables, such as onions, bitter gourd, etc., so as to reduce the possibility of complications.

Onion is the onion that people often eat. It is a nutrient-rich rhizome. It has a variety of vitamins and amino acids, as well as some natural germicidal ingredients. In addition, regular consumption of onion can soften blood vessels, lower blood pressure, and prevent heart and brain.Vascular diseases have great benefits, but how can eating onions lower blood pressure?

How to eat onions can lower blood pressure1. Raw onions can reduce blood pressure. Onions taste spicy. Usually, many people don’t like to eat raw. In fact, eating onions raw is the best way to lower blood pressure. You can choose purple onions for appearance.Consume only about one a day. If the spleen and stomach are weak, it is not recommended to eat onions raw, otherwise the symptoms of stomach discomfort will occur.

2. Onion scrambled eggs can lower blood pressure and eat onion scrambled eggs. It is also a good way to eat. It can reduce the pressure in the axial direction. The specific method is to peel and wash the onion and cut into slices, then cut two eggs.Disperse in a bowl, put oil in the pan, add the onion to the frying, then add the eggs and cook them together to eat. Frequent eating of onion scrambled eggs can not only lower blood pressure, but also prevent arteriosclerosis.

3, fried beef with onion can also lower blood pressure. Onion and beef are also a good antihypertensive dish. You can cut the tender beef into slices, then marinate with egg essence and seasoning, and then fry in the pan.You can add the cut onions only after the beef is discolored. After they are cooked together, you can take out the dishes