Chapter Two Hundred and Twelve Life is not easy,All by acting
“Bastard,Which bitch dare to throw me?”The hit target jumped up。Of course he still speaks,So some Chinese tourists around don’t understand。But I also saw the moment Qin Feng threw the bag just now。
And that bag happened to belong to the man who just said sad。
“Hey,What do you mean?Take my bag and throw it away?”The man expressed his dissatisfaction just now.,But now Qin Feng is fighting back,But he can’t be happy,Because the luggage used as a weapon belongs to him.
What he fears most now is that the duffel bag is broken!
Within two minutes,The ground security guard ran over。
“what happened?What happened?”
“He hits!”
“I beat your sister!”Qin Feng Road。
of course,Patrol the airport in Bangzi Country,Of course they are helping their country。
“This gentleman,Please come with us。We need you to take responsibility for your own unreasonableness!”
“Ha ha,Don’t touch me!I tell you,I’m here on behalf of the Chinese side to talk to your chief about confidentiality。If you dare to do anything to me,That is to destroy the harmony between the two countries。This is going to be shot!”Qin Feng started to flicker。No one knows him in this place anyway, right??
wrong,If you pull the flag, why not pull the island country?Correct,You should say that you are the representative of an island country!Qin Feng felt that he had said the wrong thing just now,Because of China,He knows a high-level person?He knew the highest-ranking people at the level of the Eastern Palace Chief and Commander Ning.。
Although this level is also very shocking,But it’s strange to know these airport patrols。
“correct,I not only represent China,The prime minister of the island country and I also negotiated cooperation before。I wanted to discuss with your chief,But this is how you treat guests?Do you know how she abused me just now?I want to sue her!”Qin Feng added。
“All right,Sir, stop talking nonsense!”The airport patrol obviously didn’t believe what Qin Feng said。joke,A person from abroad,There is no official pick-up team,Such people say that they are here to talk to high-level officials,Who believes?
However, Qin Feng reached into his pocket at this moment,Airport patrols are all like enemies。
“What to do?Take your hand out!”Everyone present is scared,After all, don’t many blockbuster people take guns out of their pockets??