As for the fees of the Jortson Consulting Company……

“Toll?No no no,Mr. Fernandez,This12VehiclesHMMVSuggestions for improvement of deformed cars,We don’t charge。”Facing Chen Geng’s problem,Jotson Sr., the owner of Jotson Consulting,Smiling and waving his hands to Chen Geng。
“No charge?”Chen Geng raised his eyebrows:Who are you fooling。
He knows very well,The so-called old Jotson“No charge”,Because this old guy is staring at the bigger fat。
Chen Geng is right!
“Of course no charge,”Two treacherous glances flashed in the old fox-like eyes of the old Jotson:“But if Fernandez gets itHMMVOrders,Every car produced,We charge300Dollar‘Consultant fee’……”
Insatiable old fox!
The future US military is equipped with approximately8.6Ten thousandHMMV,Per car300USD,This“Consulting fee”Just2580Ten thousand U.S. dollars,80Chronological2580Ten thousand dollars,This Jotson and the people behind him,It really is a good calculation!
“300USD?”Raised eyebrows,Chen Geng asked with a smile:“Mr. Chotson,You are not afraid of having too much appetite to support yourself?”
“No no,”Old Jotson waved his hand and said with a smile:“Mr. Fernandez,You are young,Probably don’t understand,This money is not just for me,In fact, the money will fall into the hands of many people。”
Holding grass!
This old guy is too direct, right?
Chen Geng looked at him dumbfounded:Do you dare to say that?
“Don’t look at me so surprised,”It’s probably been a long time since I saw Chen Geng like this“Rookie”Up,Old Jotson was in a very happy mood,Even planning to teach Chen Geng:“Mr. Fernandez,Based on your surprised reaction,You must be shocked at why I dared to speak so directly when I first met you,Right?”
“What can’t you say?”Old Jotson spread his hands,To Chen Gengdao:“This is the political ecology of the United States……
The officials also have to eat,They also want to live in a beautiful big house,I want to have a lot of money,But the United States today is not the United States of the 20s and 30s or even the last century,The public’s acceptance of official corruption is relatively low,So we emerged as a bridge between government and capital。
the most important is,What if I told you?Is there any monitoring equipment in this room?Or are you planning to go out of my office and advertise to people,Said those damn politicians used this way to lavish money?Come on,Please!You are not so stupid?If you dare to do,You will be the enemy of all capitalists and politicians,Only then will you become the public enemy of the American group that really has the final say,I don’t believe that such a successful young man would do such a stupid thing。”