Qin Feng took a look,There are half a million in the passbook。

Of course he feels less,500,000 is a bit less,Qin Feng can’t do much。
“Ok,I accept your apology,you can go now!”
“About the hotel?”Li Peng has not spoken before,But at this time, when I heard Qin Feng let them go, I couldn’t help but ask。
However, Qin Feng ignored it at all。
And then Li Sen said,“Are you stupid,Since Mr. Qin Feng has promised us,Then it will definitely be done。Then we go first!”
Finished,Li Sen took Li Peng away。
Two days later,Li Sen is worried,Because he didn’t hear anything about the hotel’s unblocking。
He doesn’t understand,So call the middleman Wu Liang。
“Director Wu,what happened。Why is my hotel still closed?”
Wu Liang is playing officialdom over there,“I said Li Sen,Are you insecure??After all, although it was someone else who sealed your hotel,But you have to take care of it。Both the tax bureau and the detective bureau need.”
“what?How much do I have to give!”
Li Sen was a little confused。What on earth happened?Do you think he is bullying??Everyone came to the door and wanted him to pay?I can’t do this business anymore?
But in the end,Li Sen went to do it as soon as he gritted his teeth。