Asking if someone else,It’s Heiwa,He has a stern face,Forced up step by step,Zhang Sangui behind,Not showing weakness,He clenched his fist,I want to hit someone at any time。

Zhang Teng said with a smile:“misunderstanding,It’s Brother Long these two friends,First arrived in Bucheon,Don’t know Mr. Xia,So there was a bit of unhappiness between them,But it’s okay“
“To your uncle“Heiwa suddenly punches,This punch hit Lu Monkey in the face,This guy is already thin,Hit by the black baby,Flew straight out,Crawl on the ground,Haven’t got up for a long time。
The atmosphere is a bit awkward,Zhang Teng said with an unhappy face:“Black brother,I said it all,This is a misunderstanding,Why are you still trying?“
“Humph!I’ve given Brother Long face,Or else this guy has to crawl on the ground,Run to Bucheon to play gangsters,Don’t take a piss and take a picture of who you are”Heiwa pointed at Gao Wei hatefully。
First0137chapter The second child is back
Gao Wei is always arrogant,At this time, it’s like frosted eggplant,He never expected,The rural stupid boy whom he dismissed a few years ago,Made him like this today。
“President Xia,Please save brother Long,Let them go!It’s not easy to deal with brothers if they go back”Zhang Teng holds his fist,Said to Xia Jian with a sincere expression。
Oh shit!Long brother again,Xia Jian cursed inwardly,He still has to give this person’s face,otherwise,He and Gao Wei、Lu Monkey’s new hatred and old hatred,He must liquidate today。
“Ok!I will leave this face to Brother Long today”Xia Jianchong and Zhang Teng said。
Zhang Sangui twisted his neck,Walk in front of Gao Wei,Said with a smile:“Bright eyes,Next time you meet our President Xia,You are not as lucky today”
Gao Wei nodded without a smile,Turn around and pull up the monkey Lu who is still sitting on the ground,Walk forward。Zhang Teng and Xia Jian said hello,The horses who led him also left。
“Why are you two here??”Xia Jian saw that everyone else was gone,Then I asked Heiwa and Zhang Sangui。
Heiwa smiled and said:“Brother Zhang and I are drinking,Suddenly someone called me,I hit it right away,Someone told me,You are in trouble here,So we both took a taxi and rushed over,Okay,You are fine“
“What can do,Why is Mr. Xia’s skill?,A few brats,Not drizzle yet,We both come,Just hold a place“Zhang Sangui said with a smile。
Xia Jianyi listen,Hurriedly asked:“Who is answering the phone?“