Don’t be afraid of how the epidemic is negative.

Don’t be afraid of how the epidemic is negative.

Isn’t the “Chun Mang” market simple?

Come to Sina University of Finance and listen to China’s futures futures chief coach Sirius 50 Chen Hao talk “Technical Analysis: Follow the main force to catch bull stocks”, understand the main force to catch bull stocks from the K line.

  How to treat the A-share transaction value breaking through one trillion sources in succession: Beijing Business Daily’s A-share market is not afraid of a bad epidemic, the stock index has become a full regain of lost ground, and the transaction volume has continued to break through one trillion US dollars. This trend has increased significantly.Let investors feel both surprised and surprised.

In the long run, the slow bull trend of A shares will continue. Even if there is a short-term adjustment trend, the long-term bull market layout will not be changed.

  First of all, judging from the enthusiasm of investors for trading today, it can be said that it is very high. Whether it is the daily turnover exceeding the trillion mark or the daily limit of more than 100 stocks, it is a good proof.

In addition, the rotation of attractions has been accepted by investors.

At present, there are endless market hotspots. When a scenic spot cools down, new spots will inevitably appear. This trend of hot-spot speculation, although it may not be able to promote the index to gradually rise, but it can continue to attract investors’ attention, and alsoMore and more new funds will enter the stock market, and this is the biggest foundation for a long-term bull market in the future.

  In fact, the stock market has just experienced a large-scale change of hands. On the first day of the market after the Spring Festival, many investors are pessimistic. They sold a lot of stocks at low prices.Bought by big funds on dips, and then quickly promoted the rebound trend. Today, the stock index has completely regained its lost ground, and the newly entered funds have obtained investment returns to varying degrees. They will also continue to change the direction of investment.With the addition of these new funds, the trading volume of the stock market has continued to increase, and trading has become increasingly active.

  In addition, behind the trillion-dollar turnover, it shows that the risk value of market investors has also changed, including the fact that large-scale financial and large-cap technology stocks have seized growth in varying degrees, which has further stimulated the market’s profit-making effect and has to be market-driven.Upside has the most direct motivation.

  Although judging from the trend on February 24, the stock market volume released 1.

The amount of 2 trillion days is accompanied by a decline, which is not a good graph technically, and it does not rule out the trend of short-term adjustment.

However, investors should also see that the stock index has been rising all the way from the Spring Festival. There is no obvious part during this period. The stock market has long been in need of adjustment. The trading volume has remained high, indicating that investor sentiment is still positive, and the trading volume is mainlyFrom the attractions sector, that is to say, the investors who have actually traded have not caused the stock market to have differentiated, the hotspots continue to be heavy, and other sectors are relatively indifferent. Although the stock index has been adjusted, under the influence of the money-making effect, the space for adjustment coexistsIt will not be very large, and it is not ruled out that the dips will be absorbed by dips.

  This is actually a point-by-point play. Now the essence of the main fund is to create a profit effect and attract OTC funds to enter the market. When more and more OTC funds enter the stock market, the entire stock market will heat up.And this process is the process of slow cattle.

However, after the stock market is bustling, investors need to worry about how to prevent excessive speculation in the stock market.

  Finally, there is the issue of annual reports. Currently listed companies are mainly divided into two categories. The first is outstanding stocks with obvious investment value. They will be the future value investment leaders.

The second category is those junk stocks, which may be lingering, especially for stocks that have not been suspended from listing since the annual report was published. After obtaining the new year trading authority, there is a high probability that there will be some speculative speculative trends.But this will not change their general direction of being gradually eliminated by the market.

When choosing stocks, investors still have to pursue good companies with performance support. They are the biggest investment opportunities in the future A-share market.