[How long can sesame sauce be kept]_storage time_storage time

[How long can sesame sauce be kept]_storage time_storage time

Sesame is rich in a variety of amino acids and very high protein, so if you eat sesame, the nutritional supplement value to the human body is no less than some fish and chicken.

The most common way to eat sesame alone is black sesame paste, and sesame sauce is also a popular sesame eating method.

You can buy tahini outside or you can make tahini yourself at home, but how long can the tahini you make last?

How long can the sesame butter be bought, and most of them can be stored for about one year when they are not unpacked. It varies slightly depending on each manufacturer. If it is 18 months, some may be only 12 months.

If it is homemade sesame sauce, the storage time will be relatively short, it is best not to store it for more than 12 months.

If it is unsealed sesame sauce, it is best to consume it within three months to prevent the aunt ‘s oxidation in the sesame sauce or excessive bacteria from affecting the health of the body.

Can sesame paste be frozen? Refrigerating is not required.

The sesame butter purchased from the supermarket can be stored at room temperature before being unpacked, as long as it is stored in a cool and dry place.

If it is homemade sesame sauce, it is best to pour a layer of oil on the surface of the sesame sauce first to prevent outside microorganisms from entering and causing the sesame sauce to deteriorate.

Then place the tahini in a dry, clean container, preferably a glass bottle, seal, and store in a cool, dry place.

If it is unsealed, it is best to keep it in the refrigerator.

If it is left in the normal temperature environment after opening, it is easy to cause bacterial growth, and it will affect the health of the body after eating.

How to choose sesame sauce There are two types of sesame sauce: yellow and black. When buying, pay attention to the color, taste, oil slick and impurities.

Color: Pure sesame sauce is light yellow, yellow brown, and black. If the color is not right, it is most likely that other substances have been added.

Appearance: The sesame sauce itself should not be granular and looks very delicate.

If lumps or particles are found, the quality is poor.

Oil slicks and sediments: There is only a thin layer of oil slick on the surface of fresh sesame sauce, and there is no sediment underneath; the sesame sauce that has been kept for a long time is thick in oil slicks and thick.

Smell: The authentic sesame flavor of sesame sauce is very strong. If it replaces other substances, the smell will change slightly.

Taste: Black sesame sauce has a slight bitterness. Ordinary sesame sauce will have the sweetness of sesame. If it is too sweet or tasteless, or the taste is strange, it means that other substances have been added.