[Beautiful women long for sexual harassment]

[Beautiful women long for sexual harassment]

Sexual harassment, on the surface, is almost uniformly rejected by women.

No one likes sexual harassment.

In fact, this is a superficially generated idea. Women, especially beautiful female white-collar workers, like to desire men to harass themselves a little, and sexual harassment brings them feel attractive, sex experts say.

In fact, surely men and women are always good and bad people, both successful and failing, celebrities and ordinary people, and people are eager to be loved and loved.

Especially women, the more people who love themselves, the more they like themselves, the better and happier they will feel.

Can you say that there is no “sexual harassment” factor in the entertainment programs on TV and the words that are spoken between men and women?

But can you say that TV presenters constitute “sexual harassment” of women across the country?

So many women are described by women, they are judged by them, they are teased, they even play with their feet, but there are so many women who are willing, eager, or even desperate, happy and satisfied.

This is also the internal reason for the popularity of some youth programs.