[How to eat tender water chestnut?

]_How to make_How to eat

[How to eat tender water chestnut?
]_How to make_How to eat

Water chestnut is a very delicious vegetable. It tastes sweet and delicious. Some people eat water chestnut directly, some people like to cook it, and some people like to use water chestnut in vegetables. The water chestnut is in the living room.There are many, water chestnuts are delicious, but many people do not make water chestnuts. In fact, water chestnuts are also very simple to cook. For people who do n’t usually cook, they can learn it once.

How to eat tender water chestnut?

First, the main ingredients of celery fried water chestnuts: celery (string) water chestnuts (appropriate amount) auxiliary materials: oil (appropriate amount) salt monosodium glutamate (appropriate) practice of parsley fried water chestnuts Step 1.

Prepare parsley water chestnut 2.

Wash and cut celery into oblique pieces 3.

Put oil in the pan and heat to open 4.

Add celery and stir fry 5.

Add the washed water chestnuts and stir fry.

Add the right amount of water and boil.

Stir until the water is almost dry and add an appropriate amount of salt and MSG to season the okra lily and stir-fried water chestnuts. Main ingredients: okra (6), water chestnuts (10), lily (15 g). Ingredients: oil (50 g), salt (moderate), chicken essence (moderate))) Red pepper (1) Okra lily fry water chestnut steps: 1.

Water chestnut and okra wash 2.

Lily soaked 1 hour in advance to spare 3.

Water chestnut husks, red peppers, okra cut into small pieces, lilies drain water 4.

Add 7 minutes of oil to the pan and fry water chestnut 3 first?
5 minutes 5.

Join Lily and fry 2?
3 minutes 6.

Add okra and stir-fry a few times.
3 minutes 7.

Add chicken essence, put out the pan and serve. Tips: The water chestnuts are slowly cooked, so first fry them in the oil pan for a few minutes, the okra is cooked quickly, and finally put, and the water chestnuts are cooked thoroughly.Just wait for a while, I like to be a bit shorter, I adjust it myself, it is a light side dish.

# P # Subtitle # e # Fried tender tender water chestnut 1.

Fresh water chestnuts 2.

Wash the water chestnut 3.

Put the right amount of oil in the pan, pour the water chestnuts and stir fry 4.

Add salt, soy sauce, allspice, stir-fry 5.

Add half a bowl of water and simmer, 6.

When the water is dry, add garlic and stir fry a few times.

Peel and shred potatoes and carrots, soak them separately, soak green peppers and soak them in water, and cut the garlic slices into shreds.

Heat the pan with oil and stir-fry with garlic slices 3.

Add potato shreds, drizzle ginger ginger garlic vinegar and stir-fry evenly, then add carrot shreds 4.

Add salt, sugar and soy sauce and stir-fry until carrots are slightly soft5.

Add green pepper shreds, stir-fry evenly to quench the heat and eat water chestnuts. What are the benefits?

2. Anti-cancer, Lingshen’s alcohol immersion solution has dual inhibitory effects on nano-denaturation and tissue proliferation.

3, weight loss, water chestnut diuretic, breast milk, hangover poison, is a complementary food for weight loss.

4, alleviate skin diseases, adjuvant treatment of pediatric head ulcers, head and face yellow sores, excess skin warts and other skin diseases.