Hu Yang inquired,The so-called eye of knowledge,Is to know the specific information of the object。Like an ancient painting,Who painted it,What features can be displayed,It’s even clear who has collected it。

And the elementary eye,Corresponding to the primary treasure eye,Can only see through things worth less than five million。
Upgrade to Intermediate Curious Eye,Need 1.2 million attention。
have to say,Populus is a bit greedy for this ability。With this eye,It’s easier to explain,Not exposed,Just a bit expensive,The Intermediate Seeking Eye needs 1.2 million attention,How many days have to accumulate!
Currently,He has only more than 400,000 followers now,Not yet half a million,To reach 600,000,It will take several days?
It seems,It’s time to be crazy for attention again。
Seeking Eye,to him,Still very important。Populus feel,The eye for knowledge is matched with the eye for treasure hunting。With his current level of treasure hunters,How can I match it up with an intermediate curious eye??
1.2 million followers,It feels a little difficult to think about it。
These two months,How many attentions?With various assists,Barely over 400,000,and so,There is still a long way to go。
Nowadays,You can try to hit the 500,000 mark,It’s just over 10,000 attention,Give some benefits or something、Even a continuous wheat,It feels almost done。
“Brothers and sisters,Not of concern,A wave of attention,See if we can break the 500,000 mark today。”Hu Yang said to the audience in the live broadcast room。
Three to four hundred thousand online viewers,I can’t help but roll my eyes。
Logically,Brother Hu can be considered a major anchor, right??Under normal circumstances,Such a big anchor,There is no desire for attention,I usually ask for gifts,Can attract them,There are only gifts that can be exchanged for money。
But Brother Hu is a strange flower,Not valued by others,Instead he asks every day,The gift is very casual,Very buddhist,It is estimated that one person will not give gifts,May not mind。
“Hu Ge,Are there benefits??If there are benefits,I can go online and follow。”
“As long as there are benefits,Everything is easy to say,Hehe!”
“When I heard what Brother Hu said,I knew it,Behind the scenes trading begins again。”