Because Chen Qingyun now represents the power of heaven and earth,Possess supernatural power,Is the way of nature,But Lu Menglin’s role in everyone’s mind,But it represents humanity,The struggle between mankind and nature,Never stopped,“Man can conquer the sky”This sentence,Although not necessarily correct,But it is the dream of every human being。

The long history of the earth world,There have been many races that dominated for a while,For example, dinosaurs are one of them。
And in this era,Human beings are the masters of the earth,Is the existence at the top of the biological chain。
The era of national mutation begins,The relationship between humans and the earth world,Becomes more complicated。
Chen Qingyun has always regarded himself as a human savior,But his way,But the way to go。
Inhumane,Use everything as a dog。
Tiandi Avenue has no emotions,Just like Chen Qingyun,His style,Everything from the most practical,From the most reasonable point of view。
anyone,Can be his stepping stone,Can be sacrificed!
Such a character,Can it really save mankind?
Maybe Lu Menglin can represent humanity,In him there are human beings surviving in the cracks,Endless,The spirit of never admitting defeat。
Lu Menglin, who represents humanity,Will he lose?
Chapter nine hundred and sixty nine Power of Gods and Demons
() boom!
Dancing Silver Snake,Thunder flashes!
This scene is like Tianwei’s anger,Make people feel small,In front of the natural power of heaven and earth,Mere human,It’s really vulnerable。