Qin Feng looked at Jiang Yan with the light,The latter had a rather strange smile on his face。At least in Qin Feng’s opinion,This smile is weird。

Don’t know,Jiang Yan actually smiled happily at this moment。
Xun Fan’s smile is a bit stiff。
“Xiaoyan,Didn’t you say that you don’t have a boyfriend??Why suddenly one came out?This is an April Fool’s Day joke, right?”
“Haha,He is my boyfriend!My boyfriend is generous!”Jiang Yan is laughing,It’s not like the queen in the company。
“On generous words,I am also very generous,I can give you an Audi sports car worth half a million。”
“I have a car,Maserati。”
“I can give you a contract worth 30 million,We sign directly,Our company does not want profit,All to you。I can also introduce countless business tycoons to you。”
“But Qin Feng gave me the company directly,The name has been changed to Jiangyan Group。Today the company’s market value is one billion。”
“This.”Looking at Jiang Yan’s happy smile,Xun Fan knows this can’t be done。
But one billion just sent out?Is it such a big deal??
Xun Fan thought,If you have a billion,Are you willing to give it to a woman??Maybe impossible?After all, if you have a billion,Can’t find a woman?