“How about tomorrow night?”

“Tomorrow evening?no problem。”Chen Geng agreed without thinking。
After a while,Chen Geng made a request to Comrade Lao Huang:I hope I can visit Ding Haijun’s house at a suitable time。
“Visit Comrade Navy?”Comrade Lao Huang gave Ding Haijun a surprised look。
Comrade Old Ding also looked blank:What’s happening here?
How does he know someone has bad intentions,I’m already thinking about my daughter。
Surprise is just a moment,Comrade Lao Huang immediately realized that this was an excellent thing to deepen friendship with Chen Geng,Nodded immediately:“Of course, no problem,Go visit a friend’s house,This is a good thing。”
It seems that the relationship between Ding Haijun and Chen Geng needs to be reassessed,This relationship is well used,Some things might be easier。Made up his mind,Comrade Lao Huang turned his head and said to Ding Haijun:“Comrade navy,We must entertain Mr. Chen Geng,Make Mr. Chen Geng feel at home,This is the task assigned to you by the organization。”
First120chapter Point out a detour
Ding Haijun wondered why Chen Geng wanted to visit his home,But this is no longer the point,The point is,After my boss gave instructions,,Chen Geng’s visit to his home changed from a purely personal interpersonal relationship to a foreign affairs activity.,And it’s a foreign affairs activity that must not be neglected。
He said with a serious face:“Please rest assured,I must……”
“Don’t be so serious,Don’t be so serious,”Comrade Lao Huang smiled and waved:“This is a personal communication and communication,Don’t involve too many complicated things……Xiao Chen,Am I right?”
“You are talking about,”Chen Geng agrees with thumbs up:“Oh,correct,I have a small gift for you。”
“Oh?”Chen Geng said he wanted to give himself gifts,Comrade Lao Huang suddenly became interested,Nodding:“What is it?”
Director Xu looked at his university worriedlybossAt a glance,Some worry that Chen Geng will do something stupid。
Comrade Lao Huang shook his head insignificantly,Tell Director Xu not to worry,He looks like a mirror in his heart,A young man who has made such a great achievement in less than a year,How could do stupid things?
Mirren, who was already prepared, handed a small box to Chen Geng。
Take the box,Chen Geng handed both hands to Comrade Lao Huang,Smiled:“Minister Huang,Be careful,Please also accept。”