Shen Han stared at Huo Rongxuan thoughtfully in the car,ask him:“What are you doing?”

Huo Rongxuan snatched people into his arms,Lower your head and kiss Shen Han on the neck, with the smell of sunlight and shower gel,In a low voice in his ear:“you。”
Shen Han’s face went black immediately,Huo Rongxuan just accept it,Let him go and ask him:“Why did you ask about this suddenly??”
after awhile,Shen Hancai said:“Why do you use a gun,Is your business dangerous?”
Huo Rongxuan seemed to be a little surprised, he would ask that,Looking at Shen Han’s serious appearance,ask him:“Kid,Are you caring about me?”
Unexpectedly, Shen Han nodded。
After this afternoon getting along,Shen Han’s impression of Huo Rongxuan is a little better,I feel that although others hate,But if one day Ping Ping was shot and killed for no reason,It doesn’t seem to be that heinous。Shen Han feels nothing awkward in this regard,Simply admitted。
I didn’t expect to be pulled over in the next second,Huo Rongxuan kissed all over the world。
Huo Rongxuan almost took Shen Han in the car that day,When I finally drove back to Huo’s house,Huo Rongxuan simply fought people back to the bedroom。
The two have been practicing in the wrestling ring this afternoon,Shen Han didn’t expect Huo Rongxuan to be vigorous in bed,Even though Shen Han is a decade younger than him,I lost my energy in the end,Subconsciously want to escape,As a result, Huo Rongxuan was dragged back by his ankle。
Huo Rongxuan doesn’t know why it seems to be particularly interested today,When Huo Rongxuan finally vents,Shen Han lay on the bed and lost all energy。He watched Huo Rongxuan still leaning on the bedside smoking like a okay person,I can’t see any fatigue on my face。
It was just dark at this time,Usually it happens to be the time to walk the tiger after dinner。It didn’t take a while,I heard the sound of Huzi scratching the door outside。
Shen Han walked over and put the tiger in,He went back to bed and said to Huzi:“I’ll lie down,Let’s go out later。”
Tiger is very obedient,Lie down on the carpet beside the bed。
Huo Rongxuan finds it interesting to see Huzi being so obedient,Also called:“Tiger,come!”
Huzi grunted lazily,No place。
Shen Han was lying on the bed and laughing,Huo Rongxuan towards him□□Gave a slap on the ass,Scolded:“Two white-eyed wolves!”
Shen Han reached out to the bed to touch Huzi’s head,ask him:“Huzi is a dog,Why call this?”