“Lu Menglin,Something big!We need your help。”Jiang Jinghong looked serious,Shen Sheng。

“What happened?Don’t worry,I will help you。”Lu Menglin said frankly。
Jiang Jinghong is his good friend,The relationship has been subtle since high school,Also helped him a lot,Confidante,Now Jiang Jinghong begs to come,Lu Menglin will help anyway。
“This matter is very complicated,hurry up,I will take you to meet someone,Shall we elaborate on the road?”Jiang Jinghong’s face was filled with panic,Obviously my heart is in great panic。
“it is good!I’m going with you!”Lu Menglin answered without hesitation。
Seeing Jiang Jinghong look like this,I see pity,Of course Lu Menglin won’t refuse,It aroused his desire for protection。
After saying hello to Chen Jiannan,Lu Menglin took Jiang Jinghong to the Gulf Stream600。
“Where to go?”Lu Menglin asked。
“Go to Xiqin City,I have already contacted the airport over there。”Jiang Jinghong said quickly。
Chen Jiannan and the three of them all sat in a row,No one spoke。
Gulf Stream600Soon started taxiing on the runway,Then rushed to the sky。
In the cabin,Jiang Jinghong and Lu Menglin sat face to face,There is a fine wine from Dolbo in front of you,There are also two tall crystal glasses。
Chen Jiannan and Zhu Xiaoguang,The three Wang Shaoxiao consciously entered the cabin and went to rest,Leave enough space for Jiang Jinghong and Lu Menglin。
“Speak!What the hell is it,Make you so panic?”Lu Menglin asked slowly。
Jiang Jinghong frowned,Seems to be caught in some unwilling to mention memories,It took a long time to say:“Do you believe in the concept of parallel space?”
this problem,Asked, Lu Menglin was taken aback,He nodded his head with a wry smile。
“If i tell you,There is already an unknown parallel world connected to the earth,What do you think?”Jiang Jinghong gritted his teeth,Said。
Lu Menglin frowned,Asked:“When did you know?”
“what?You have seen them?”Jiang Jinghong answered the question。