NS135chapter:A narrow
Lin Wei dares to guarantee,Absolutely the first time I saw。
When she talks when she talks,Zhu lips lightly,If the alanmium is faint from the exquisite tooth.,Just as the air is full of snow lotus,Ascendant,But invisible。
He is full of soft hair,It is the masterpiece of God,Even this,It’s all kinds of soft and fragrant fragrance.。
“颢 天!”suddenly,I have passed the charming sound behind the silver bell behind.,Birds。
Blue Xin saw from the bright mirror,It is actually Gu Anan,It’s really a narrow,I have encountered her again here.。
“Yo!It turned out to be Miss Gu.,Please sit。”Lin Wei laughs,But didn’t look back at Gu Anan,Just a little bit in the mirror, she。
Gu Anan saw Lan Xin here.,Into an inexplicable angry。
She is as identity,How can I come here??
correct,She is a woman with Haojiao brother tonight.。
So,Haojia brother
She has a circle,And did not see Lu Haozheng。
She is brid old,Look,Lu Haocheng is not so concerned about Blue Xin。
Lu Haocheng is originally sitting in the rest room,Blue Xin leaves,He is sitting alone,Go to the balcony to see the scenery,Gu Anan did not see him。
She laughed,Clear people:“颢 天,I am going to,Can you help me get a hair first?。”
Relationship with her and Haojiao brother,颢天 will definitely promise,She wants to let Lantin look,Who is the woman who is the most qualified to stand around Haojiao?。
tonight,Haojia brother is her.。
Lin Wei suddenly turned,Sorry, I saw an eye Gu Anan.,But what is said,But I am not sorry at all.:“Miss Miss,Since you have a time,I can only change a hair stylist.,I am busy here.,If you don’t rush,I will take it to the lounge.,This lady,I can get it soon.!”
Gu An’an,Suddenly face,She is eye-catching, I looked at the forest.,He actually does not give face。
“Then you are almost,I want to see Haojiao brother.,If it is late,You know his temper。”Gu An An said,Go to the lounge。
Lin Biao looked at her back,Can only laugh helplessly。
The big lady of this house,Look at the same temperature like a small sheep,But the big lady is not small.。
Lan Xin looked at the back of Anan from the mirror.,Lu Haocheng is waiting for Andan??
no,obviously,She uses this to take the forest。
Because,People sitting here are her。
Gu An An, I’m careful,If it is seven years ago,She really can’t see it.,But now,When she heard, she knows what I want to do.?
She is unintentional to anyone,But always inadvertently。
“Blue Xin Miss,Your hair is good,Natural beauty is the best,Slightly get a little on the top,Crystal card with crystal,You are already beautiful.。”Lin Wei observed her face,Her shape is already in his mind,The next thing will be more。
Blue Xin smiled and nodded,Say:“it is good!I heard that you are the most powerful hair stylist of Jiangyou.,Many ladies come here,There are still many big stars to come here.。
I want to get your hair style design.,I am fortunate today.,Let you design a hairstyle for me,It is really lucky!”
“Ha ha”Lin Wei,I can’t help but laugh。
Some of them:“There is something like this。”