[How to eat pumpkin seedlings]_Pumpkin_How to eat_How to make

[How to eat pumpkin seedlings]_Pumpkin_How to eat_How to make

Pumpkin is a very delicious food. People often eat pumpkin in their lives to effectively regulate gastrointestinal functions and achieve health care. Pumpkin is rich in fruits and can be eaten. Pumpkin seedlings are a rare and delicious dish. Pumpkin seedlings are relativelyRare ingredients, through the improvement of people’s living standards, more and more people eat pumpkin seedlings, so how to eat pumpkin seedlings better?

Let ‘s take a look at a simple explanation.

Pumpkin seedlings and young pumpkin leaves are excellent in taste, rare to eat, sweet and delicious, nutritious fresh vegetables, green vegetables.

The beneficial components of pumpkin in the human body are: polysaccharides, amino acids, active proteins, carotenoids, and a variety of trace elements, etc., which have the effect of clearing dampness and heat, swelling and poisoning, curing jaundice, ulcers, cough, and liver dysfunction.

Stir-fried pumpkin seedlings do not need to be processed, and they can be added with garlic. The seedlings are still tender and tender. They are placed in a white porcelain dish, which makes the appetite greatly increase. It is a refreshing and refreshing dish in summer.


Prepare ingredients, pumpkin seedlings, various seasonings, etc. Among them, garlic is an ingredient that must not be less.


Remove the outer skin of the pumpkin seedlings and wash them.


Slice garlic cloves and cut peppers into circles.


Pour the olive oil in the wok and clove the garlic cloves and peppers.


Pour in pumpkin seedlings and stir fry.


Add the pumpkin leaves and stir fry.


Add salt and sugar and stir-fry.


Stir until the vegetables are soft and add a little chicken and stir well.

Note: 1.

The outer skin of pumpkin seedlings has some veins, which must be torn off, otherwise it will affect the taste.


There will be some hairs on the pumpkin leaves, which can be removed by washing with water several times.


This dish should be stir-fried and stir-fried quickly to ensure that the food is crisp and crisp.