[How to make braised broth]_How to make_How to make

[How to make braised broth]_How to make_How to make

Marinated meat is a relatively common practice. For the practice of braised meat, the most important thing is in the braised meat soup. If the braised meat soup is not done well, the taste of the braised meat will be affected.

Regarding the practice of braised meat soup, in fact, it has to be prepared according to its own taste, and the proportion of ingredients needs to be paid attention to, so that the resulting braised meat will be more delicious.

Preparation method of braised meat soup: 1. Dividing star anise, cinnamon, cumin, licorice, sannai, gancao, peppercorns, amomum, cardamom, grass fruit, cloves, etc. into two separate loose gauze bagsTie the mouth of the bag tightly with a string. Ginger washed and smashed. The roots of onions must be washed and knotted.

2. Roast the large pieces of rock sugar on the fire first, then lightly crush it on a cutting board, then put it into the pot with the refined oil, and fry it with a low fire until it is dark red, stir up to 500 grams of boiling waterMix well and become sugar-colored.

3, set the pot on fire, add 5,000 grams of fresh soup, add ginger, green onions, mix with salt, monosodium glutamate and sugar color, then add spice packs, boil and use a low fire to slowly boil until the aroma overflows, ServeFresh brine.

Production skills: 1. When frying sugar, fry slowly over low heat, and the sugar color should be slightly tender, otherwise the fried sugar color has a bitter taste.

2. Traditionally prepared brines are usually not added MSG, but most fresh brines have insufficient umami taste. In addition, some people think that the requirements for umami taste are getting higher and higher, so the proper amount of MSG can be added during the preparation process.

It should be noted that adding monosodium glutamate in brine does not cause it, because monosodium glutamate will produce sodium pyroglutamate at a temperature above 160 ° C and lose the umami taste, and the temperature when the brine is boiling generally does not exceed 105 ° C.

3, tender sugar should generally be added to the brine, so that the brine has a sweet taste.

After adding the tender sugar color, you can no longer add licorice.

However, from the perspective of drug performance, licorice has the effect of reconciling various flavors and refreshing.

Therefore, after adding the sugar color, you can still consider adding any licorice in the brine.

4, clove contains eugenol, which has a very strong taste, and the dosage can be adjusted according to specific conditions when using.

On average, the amount of cloves in 5000 grams of soup should be controlled at 5?
15 grams.

5. The shallots used to make brine should retain their roots, which will make the brine taste more fragrant.

This is the experience taught to me by a teacher who has made brine for many years.

6. Sugar color is added to the above brine formula, and the color is brownish red, which is called red halogen. If the sugar color in the formula is removed, it will become white halogen.

In addition, some people like to add dried chili to the brine, then it will become spicy.