Xiao Fan heard Lin Yuner’s answer,I also feel relieved,After all such a thing,Just as Lin Yuna thought,Xiao Fan didn’t want to let Lin Yuner touch,I don’t even want her to hear。

after all,In Xiao Fan’s heart,Lin Yoona is a special existence,She is only suitable for living in all the good things,All the dark sides of this world,Should be nothing to do with him。
so,After Lin Yuna asked that question,,Xiao Fan really felt very tangled。
because,If I tell her truthfully,With her kind character,I will definitely not accept it。
If I don’t tell her,Or deceive her,That’s definitely something Xiao Fan didn’t want to do,after all,The other party is Yoona Lin,Someone he never cheated。
Just when Xiao Fan felt extremely tangled,Lin Yoona actually proposed,Needless to say,For Xiao Fan,Couldn’t be better!
so,After Xiao Fan heard Lin Yuner’s words,She shook Lin Yoona’s hand tightly,Then said affectionately:“Yoona,It’s not that i can’t tell you,But I think this kind of thing,I don’t want you to get involved,after all,Such a dark struggle,Not for you,You are only suitable for growing under the sun,other things,You leave it to me!”
Lin Yuner looked at Xiao Fan, who said this to her affectionately.,There was a warm current in my heart again。
Hesitated,Lin Yuna said nothing,Stand on tiptoe,Under Xiao Fan’s suddenly widening eyes,Kissed Xiao Fan’s sexy lips。
Although this kiss is like a dragonfly,But it ignited the flame in Xiao Fan’s heart。
This time,It’s Xiao Fan’s turn to flush,Lin Yuner saw Xiao Fan like this,I also feel a bit funny in my heart。
“It seems,You will blush too!I thought your face was always the same,Only one color?”Lin Yuner joked with Xiao Fan and said。
Finished saying this,Lin Yoona just laughed,While running towards the beach。
Xiao Fan looked at Lin Yuner’s figure like a fairy,I can’t describe it in words。
“Xiao Fan,Come here soon!Come chase me!”Xiao Fan hasn’t had time to sigh with emotion,I heard Lin Yoona yelling to herself not far away。
Xiao Fan didn’t let her fly like Lin Yuner,Run to chase Lin Yoona,But according to Lin Yoona’s request,Walked quickly towards her。
Here, Xiao Fan and Lin Yuner are having fun,The Ouyang family on the other side is in a state of desperation。