“Come so early, Li Huan。”

“Ok!”Li Huan showed respectful eyes。But he didn’t dare to look at Su Rou directly。Li Huan actually found out,The three women who live with Qin Feng are all too beautiful,Even each has its own taste。
Jiang Yan is the kind of queen-style beauty,Has a classic beauty。
And Wang Mengmeng is a cute type,Only Tong Yan has made countless otaku call her a goddess。
As for Su Rou,Sometimes this girl is cold,But it’s not an iceberg beauty,If you insist on summarizing it,Is that kind of arrogant lady。It’s not something ordinary men can afford!
But these three are all grandma and grandma,Li Huan certainly didn’t dare to think too much。
“Master Su Rou,I don’t know what to find a kid?If you need help, the younger one must go through fire and water。”Li Huan said。
Even Su Rou couldn’t help laughing when Li Huan said this,“Do you usually look like this in front of Qin Feng??”
Li Huan does not deny,Nod,“of course,Teachers’ rules still have to be followed。Although I haven’t seen Master before,But in the words of Master,Master Qin Feng is an omnipotent super god-man。”
Su Rou couldn’t help laughing,no way,Because the Qin Feng in Li Huan’s mouth is too different from the Qin Feng in her impression,So it’s hard to think of the same person。
Then Su Rou thought of keeping her poise,I coughed and showed a serious look。
“All right,I am looking for you this time,I actually want to ask something。Although Qin Feng admitted that Du Heng’s death was related to him,But why he didn’t tell me。There was an old Zhang before,Also committed suicide after seeing Qin Feng。So I want to know what is the connection,Since you followed Qin Feng all day,Should know something?”
I heard Su Rou’s words,Li Huan froze for a long time。
Because he didn’t know what kind of grudges Qin Feng and Du Heng had。He is just a kid who executes orders,Now being asked by Su Rou。Li Huan also remembered that he seemed to be helping Qin Feng unclearly.。
“Grandma, grandma,I don’t even know if you live with your teacher,Let alone。”Li Huan replied。