Xia Shuyue got up and went into her room with Zhang Siwei,Wang Sulian helped them close the door。

“This little brother,Have a drink with us。”Xia Kewen invited Zhang Siwei’s bodyguard to drink。
“uncle,You are welcome,I have to drive,I won’t eat with you。”The bodyguard smiled politely,Sitting on the sofa without moving。
Xia Qiuping made a cup of tea for the bodyguard,I knocked on the door and brought a cup of tea to the room for Zhang Siwei。
“Thank you sister。”Zhang Siwei took the tea。
Xia Qiuping smiled,nod,Closed the door and went out。
“child,looks great。”Zhang Siwei said to Xia Shuyue。
“Okay,Energetic,healthy,Can eat and sleep,Just a bit noisy,The main job is to eat all day long。”Xia Shuyue said with a smile。
“How is your body recovering?”Zhang Siwei asked Xia Shuyue。
“still alright,With my mother’s help,I don’t do anything for a day,Just eat and sleep,Sleep and eat,Recovered well,The wound doesn’t hurt much。”
“That’s good,That’s good,”Zhang Siwei suddenly said,“Something happened to Zhao Gang’s house,do you know?”
Xia Shuyue raised her eyebrows,“You told me something would happen,Is it real now?”
Zhang Siwei said,“Correct,Zhao Gang’s family is very miserable,His dad committed suicide。”
“what?”Xia Shuyue was so scared that she almost screamed while covering her mouth,Immediately looked at the door nervously。
“Now the newspaper has news about his house every day,Basically all headlines,Especially miserable。”Zhang Siwei looks solemn。
“I never go out at home every day,I didn’t even think about buying newspapers,So don’t know anything,Why is this so,Ugh。”Xia Shuyue couldn’t bear it either。
“Situation is very bad,Zhao Gang is busy handling his father’s funeral,There are also many things at home,A large group of people asking for accounts surrounds his villa every day,Zhao Qianqian can’t stand the blow,Recently in a trance,Always watching after song。”
Xia Shuyue sighed,“I can’t help。”
“Zhao Gang is in a very bad situation now,The newspapers also hyped up,Said he transferred company property privately,Obviously to encourage those who want to go to court with him。”
“what?A company the size of Mr. Zhao’s family,Isn’t it enough to use all the family property to pay off the debt??Those people are still asking for accounts?”Xia Shuyue thought it was incredible。