Stay away from the sudden death of office workers to be alert to cardiovascular disease

Stay away from the sudden death of office workers to be alert to cardiovascular disease

According to US statistics, about 300,000 to 600,000 patients have sudden cardiac death each year.

With the accelerated pace of life, the pressure on office workers has increased sharply, and life has become increasingly irregular.

This unhealthy life often leads to a terrible consequence – drowning.

  In a recent major strike, major media outlets broke the news of many well-known listed companies and senior executives of prestigious companies. According to statistics, from January 2010 to July 2011, 19 months appeared.The executives at the general manager/chairman level passed away.

  Such intensive unfortunate events have made people unable to avoid wrists.

What caused the death of these executives?

  The root cause of the death of sudden illness is urgently needed to pay attention to the statistical findings. Since January 2010, more than 19 senior executives/chairmen of the listed companies or companies have passed away, 11 of them are high.Inauguration or association with listing.

Including BesTV COO Wu Zheng, founder and former chairman of Delhui shares Ding Mingliang, Xingmin Steel Circle Chairman Wang Jiamin, Chengdu Baishitong General Manager Li Xuejun and other 12 executives, died of illness, among these “culprits”, mainly cancer andHeart disease, in which nearly half of Wu Zheng, Li Xuejun and so on died for sudden illness.

Among these people, the proportion of people who died of the disease was as high as 63%.

  Too little exercise, too much entertainment, and exercise to protect cardiovascular health According to Professor Hu Dayi, director of the Institute of Heart Research of Peking University People’s Hospital, people’s physical activity levels are getting lower and lower in the 21st century.

  In modern society, people’s movements are less and less, they can sit still, can sit down, can’t walk by car, can take the elevator without taking the stairs, etc., causing the obesity rate to rise, and the incidence of obesity-related diseases will follow.A significant increase has occurred.

White-collar workers, more precise executives, too little exercise, excessive mental stress, long-term overtime and irregular diet, excessive entertainment and other factors are all causes of high cardiovascular disease. Hu Dayi pointed out that although the community and the medical community are active.Advocating for increased physical activity, but only a few people act, most people still do not have the essence of any movement.

  Walking out of health 10,000 steps per day The most basic epidemiological studies show that walking as long as walking is better than not walking, higher steps can make the cardiovascular system deviate, including short-term separation (increased physical fitness, weight loss, lower blood pressure and blood lipids)Etc.) and long-term accumulation (reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease, the risk of cardiovascular events and cardiovascular disease).

Patients should be encouraged to gradually increase their walking level to the recommended minimum of 150 minutes per week recommended by the guidelines.

The pedometer is a practical, alternative tool, with 10,000 steps per day being the best sporting goal for the general population.